Best PHP Frameworks for Web Development

PHP frameworks

For years, PHP has been one of the most used programming languages to develop websites and applications. Although the language is considered quite stable and safe, it has seen a good part of the evolution since its launch. But as time has gone by, the complexity of the websites has dramatically increased.

Developers have to write hundreds and thousands of lines of code to create these websites, which is a tedious and time-consuming task. In addition, developers must start over each time. This is where PHP frameworks come into play.

A framework is an abstraction in which the software that provides generic functionality can be changed selectively by an additional reusable code written by the user. These frameworks make rapid development a reality.

The best PHP frameworks provide well-organized and reusable code that can help you grow over time as web applications that run in frameworks are easily scalable. Therefore, if you are a beginner or an expert developer, PHP frameworks will always help you complete your project efficiently and quickly.

PHP, which is widely known as a server-side scripting language in the world, has evolved a lot since the first inline code snippet appeared in a static HTML file.

Today developers need to build complex web sites and web applications, and above a certain level of complexity it may take too much time and complexity to always start from scratch, so the need for more structured natural development methods arises. The best PHP framework gives developers adequate solutions for that.

Why use a PHP Framework?

  • The organization of code and file is extremely easy.
  • There are numerous libraries and tools available that can help in the validation of forms, the abstraction of the database, the filtering of entry/exit, the handling of cookies and sessions, and the administration of the electronic mail, the calendar and the paging, etc.
  • Frames help with less code, which ultimately accelerates the development
  • With the active support of the community, the frameworks come with a solution for any query very quickly.

The Best PHP Alternatives

Off and on programmers choose new skills and languages to remain relevant to technological changes and how IT and related industries function. Many high-level, object-oriented, server-side scripting languages that can be compared with PHP are:

  • Javascript
  • Python
  • Java
  • Go
  • Ruby
  • C#
  • Elixir
  • Erlang
  • C++
  • Rust

Without omitting, Node.js makes a mark in this illustrative list, since it has learned of the errors of other languages that include .NET, PHP and Java, and has little hereditary importance, to become one of the best alternatives to PHP programming language.

In this publication, we carefully selected ten popular PHP frameworks that can facilitate and streamline the back-end web development process.

Here is the Best PHP Framework that is listed down by us:


This continues to be the most preferred and widely used PHP framework since 2015. Laravel simplifies the logic of authorization and controls access to resources. It supports object-oriented libraries that come along with many pre-installed features. Tools like Artisan are included, and help do tedious programming tasks which, if not done manually by most programmers. It also has support for MVC architectures such as Symphony which ensures clarity in logic and presentation.


The best thing about CakePHP is its compatibility with previous versions that makes it instantly updatable. Although it does not adapt to the new habits of PHP, it has shown some consistency in the form of stable versions. The use of Fat Models, Skinny Controller, and the automatic routing approach imply that most of the work is automated.

Zend Framework

Code reuse is the most significant advantage of Zend’s framework. Imbibing all the good things-oriented approach, utilizing what you need and removing other things, a package full of tools, components, and libraries, the freedom to choose your model, a large community with the documentation described acts in addition to its wealth and usefulness.


Flexibility, reliability, ease of testing, long-term support, great community, and elaborate documentation is some of the advantages that favor Symphony as a programming framework.


MVC architecture, no server requirements, easily extensible and understandable, a complete package of libraries, components and tools, integrated libraries, delivered without installation, built-in security tools, database abstraction, and active support to the community, extensive documentation and more, Expression Engine that allows you to reuse libraries and functions.


Easy to install, Modern technologies, Highly extensible, Provision for tests, Simple to implement security, Short development time, Better performance, Quick handling of errors, Registration and use of themes.


Easy to install, use of modern technology, highly expandable, Codeception integration encourages code testing for applications, simplified security, short development time, and better performance makes it a framework for creating modern web applications that also perform well.


Aura is an open-source, UI framework that is used to build PHP applications that are dynamic and flexible can be measured and can be developed. Tag-based layout & component definition, event models typed with the development of encapsulated UI, extending, implementing, abstract and Object-oriented programming behavior, controller, model, CSS, markup, and static resources, equipped with integrated support for functional testing and performance, and responsive.


It is a micro framework, a central set of tools that produces rapid development, is easy to learn, lightweight, secure, has HTTP methods, can be used to develop small and large websites and elaborate documentation.


This is a robust PHP framework, known for its high speed, high modularity, clean and comprehensive documentation, present without encoding or directory structure, multiple display engines, easy to learn, implemented and to create robust web applications.

It is very difficult to choose the best PHP framework for creating selected web applications. We have tried and tested various PHP frameworks from time to time, where Laravel’s development is at the top of our list.

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